Virtual walks & tours through historic sites

Virtual walks and tours in 3D

Using Microsofts Photosynth technology we were abe able to able to show digital or virtual walks through many historic sites in Nepal. Sadly Microsoft shuttered their software and alternative technology is being looked at.

Using this method we can very easily show what an entire location looked like should it ever be destroyed or damaged. It also works as a great primer for tourism.

Photosynths are different from video in that we have full control over where we want to look on the walk. Likewise, pending photo resolution, we can also zoom right into an object.

With Photosynths we can also label certain monuments, shrines of buildings of importance. This provides outstanding educational benefits to people viewing them. It also enables us to link to more technical 3D replicas furthering the experience.

Photosynths are quite easy to create and we’d like to encourage people to share their Synths of Nepal here. If you have a Synth or have the photographs for a Synth then please get in touch with us.

Expand to any screen size

Photosynths work on all screens & often include more information (look out for interactive info circles & expand buttons)


Use a mouse

Use your mouse to move around the Synth and the mouse wheel to zoom in & out

Fast connection

To fully appreciate a synth you’ll need a good internet connection as they take a while to load

Virtual Walks

Try out some of these short virtual walks – remember to look out for the interactive circles!

Short walk through the shrines in Swayambunath

Kathesimbhu Stupa Walk

Swayambunath Pano

Balkumari Temple 360

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your Photosynths on my site?

Yes, you are free to use our Photosynths on your website. We do ask for attribution.

How can I create my own Photosynth?

Visit the Photosynth website and create an account. The Photosynth website has full instructions on how to create different types of Synth.

What sort of Photosynth are you looking for?

Preferably a Synth that we don’t have already. It can be of any historic area in Nepal that contains items of cultural value.

How can we share a Photosynth with you?

Just send us the embed link to your Photosynth and we’ll do the rest!