The Digital Archive of Nepal

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The digital archive is a part of the current Nepal Digital Archaeology Foundation project. Parts of the archive are currently being cataloged. In the three phases underway in Nepal it comes in during Phase 3 which you can read about below.

We are currently in phase one which is a priority.

Phase One

Phase one of the digital archive is currently underway. It involves field assessments and capturing data in the field as a priority.

This data, along with other historical data will be introduced into the archive once complete at the end of phase three.

In the meantime data collection has begun and we are currently open to sourcing documents, photographs, video and audio about Nepal’s cultural heritage.

Phase Two

Phase Two involves data reconstruction, data assessment, storage allocation, disaster recovery and initial archiving.

Following this secondary field assignments are carried out either to re-capture additional data or to carry out captures of monument details in close proximity. eg roof strut carvings.

Phase Three

Phase three involves the full cataloging of subject matter into the the digital archive.

During all of these phases if you think you could or would like to contribute to the archive please contact us below.

Share content to the Digital Archive of Nepal

The Digital Archive of Nepal can include photographs (old or new), 3D files, engineering/architecture designs, text documents, PDF, video, audio or links.

If you have photographs of temples from your visit to Nepal prior to April 25th 2015 please share them with our archive. In particular temples destroyed in the earthquake. Here is a list of temples destroyed in the Nepal 2015 earthquake.

The subject matter should be based on buildings of cultural interest, cultural heritage and historical in nature. We also consider present day buildings of cultural value which are endangered.

After you submit the information below, we’ll get back in touch with instructions on how to include it.

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