The Digital Archaeology Foundation

preserving the past & present for the future

Digitally Preserving Heritage Buildings & Artifacts

Digital Archaeology allows us to preserve, duplicate & archive buildings, temples, shrines & art works of immense importance before they are lost forever while also aiding in their reconstruction


The 2015 earthquake in Nepal destroyed up to 20% of Nepal’s unique temples, shrines, stupas & buildings. 80% were damaged either substantially or with minor faults. In a staggering development it emerged that little engineering or architectural documentation was ever fully completed on these buildings. The Digital Archaeology Foundation  went set about privately to digitally preserve these buildings. Changu Narayan Temple, Changu, Nepal


The Digital Archaeology Foundation goes to a site or object of cultural significance from our evaluation list. We then set about digitally preserving the site. We use a variety of methods from precise digital photography, 3D photography, 3D video recording & motion photography. We document historical data from local & international experts about the site or object we are preserving.3D camera in Nepal


Perhaps the most time consuming aspect of Digital Archaeology is the digital replication of a building of an object. We employ a variety of methods to replicate heritage buildings, shrines, temples, stupas and artifacts in 3D digital models. This information is then stored in-country & sent to a select number of international partners for off site historical archiving & preservation. digital archaeology helping to replicate a stupa


We freely share all our data with the community at large for future physical restoration work if need be. In the event of a buildings loss by earthquake, flood, fire or other means we will have an identical copy of the building digitally preserved. Restoration work will be faster for those seeking to restore damaged buildings or those in need of repair based on the 3D models we have archived.v
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