3D reconstructed models of temples in Nepal

Nepal’s Cultural Heritage Preserved in 3D

In celebration of World Heritage Week 2016 we are releasing the first of several 3D reconstructions we have completed during phase one. We believe that recognizing world heritage is an important bond that allows us to share our individual cultures throughout the ages.

Although Nepal suffered a great cultural loss in 2015 we feel it a shame that there was no recognition of World Heritage Week this year in Nepal. So much has been preserved, restored and accomplished over the past year that it has in many ways been a milestone year in Nepal.

Below are a selection of Nepal’s temples that have been digitally reconstructed in 3D. As many of our phase one 3D models currently have large files sizes and require special software to view we’ve prepared videos of them.

Brahmayani Temple 3D Model

Located in Panauti the temple was built in 1715 CE, as stated by an inscription at the site. It is dedicated to Brahmayani the village goddess.

Although this is a phase one reconstruction a lot of detail is available. The reason for this is that the temple is on the far side of river with no buildings obstructing it. Close proximity to other buildings is one of the major challenges that we face in Nepal.

Shiva Lingam

Found on the main road in Thimi this stone Shiva Lingam is an example of cultural heritage under threat from theft. Over the past several years many sculptures and artifacts have been stolen for sale overseas. In November 2015 a nearby Bhairab statue was stolen – no official documentation was ever made of it. The likelihood of it every being found is slim. By digtially preserving items of cultural value like this a duplicate can be reproduced.

Bhimsen Temple (Pokhara)

Located in Pokhara’s old Newari Bazaar this 18th century temple is a prime example of the neglect facing many of Nepal’s old temples. The temple is faced with heavy vehicle traffic on a daily basis, theft and neglect. Without digital preservation like this it is very likely that physical reconstruction of this temple would ever take place should it fall further into decay or be completely destroyed.

3D Interactive Walk throughs

As part of our 3rd phase the following interactive walk throughs show how 3D restoration can also be used in education, tourism and marketing. Our primary goal with this interactive project is to deliver educational content to those who may not physically be able to visit such sites.

Expand to any screen size

Photosynths work on all screens & often include more information (look out for interactive info circles & expand buttons)


Use a mouse

Use your mouse to move around the Synth and the mouse wheel to zoom in & out

Fast connection

To fully appreciate a synth you’ll need a good internet connection as they take a while to load

Virtual Walks

Try out some of these short virtual walks – remember to look out for the interactive circles!

Short walk through the shrines in Swayambunath

Swayambunath Pano

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